Hoping to hear from you soon?

Dear Beloved

Greetings in the name of Allah, Please let this not sound strange to you for my family lawyer who would have handled this

executor ship of my will on my behalf died early this year as a result of a protracted illness. I prayed and got your

email, I am Mrs. Asiya Harlow Al Silaimani from Oman, 50 years young. I am suffering from a protracted cancer of the

lungs which has also affected my brain cells as a result of complications. From all indication my condition is really

deteriorating and it is quite obvious that according to my doctor I have been advised that I may not live for the next

two months, my chances of living is 85-15,this is because the cancer stage has gotten to a critical and life threatening


All my life i have lived in an orphanage home as a child of circumstance, having been abandoned at birth by my teenage

biological mother and taken to an orphanage home by a Good Samaritan. I was married to my late husband Mr.Said Al

Silaimani for twenty three years without a child my husband was hypertensive and died of cardiac arrest.

Since my husbands death I decided not to re-marry when my ailment became terrible, I sold off all our choice properties

and personal belongings including a shopping mall, an hotel, shares, bonds, jewelries and other valuable family treasures

and deposited the proceeds amounting to USD$10.2million dollars with OCEANIC BANK PLC. Presently, this money is still

lodged with the Bank and the management and board of directors of the bank just wrote me as the sole owner to come

forward to receive the money after having kept it for so long a time in their coffers or that I can issue a letter of

authorization to somebody to receive it on my behalf since I can not come over and claim the funds due largely to my

illness or they get it confiscated.

Moreover, I’m writing you with my laptop in a hospital in London located at Discovery Court Wallisdown Road Poole BH12

5AG London-England. It is the leading cancer treatment hospital in the world. I have been undergoing treatment for cancer

of the lungs. My doctors like i said earlier told me that my chances of living is 85-15. It is my last wish therefore to

see that 80% of this money is invested to any Arabian organization of your choice and distributed each year among

charitable Organizations, the poor and the motherless babies homes. You can also extend to churches and mosques if you

wish while 20% of the money is for your personal use.

I want you as a God fearing person to take it upon yourself and use this money for the aforementioned purposes i took

this decision in other to help humanity in my little capacity before I rest in peace in the bosom of the almighty,

according to my physicians my time will soon be up. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the official contact

of the OCEANIC Bank officials, to enable you reach them without delays. I will also issue you a letter of authorization

that will prove you as the new beneficiary of my will. The funds have an open beneficiary mandate and as such it is whom

I authorize to act on my behalf that the bank will recognize and release the funds to, Please assure me that you will act

accordingly as I stated herein.

Please reply me through these my private email Address with your details started Below:asiyaharlow02@yahoo.cn

(1) Full Name
(2) Address
(3) Occupation
(4) Sex
(5) Age
(6) Phone & Fax Number

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Asiya Harlow Al Silaimani

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