Prince John Clifton from sierra Leone

Dear Friend,

Goodday to you.I am Prince John Clifton from sierra Leone writing to solicit your assistance for you to kindly assist me to come to your country with my inheritance two consignment boxes containing $55,million united state dollars and raw diamond stones.My Father is a king and the chairman of Diamond and gold miner’s in my community,he is late now,my parents were killed by rebels,i am alive today because i was at collage when the rebels came.I am 19 years and my Father had entered an agreement with the Security company that unless I am 21 years the boxes should not be released to me but my foreign business partner.

I will give you 20% of the $55.million dollars inside the two consignment boxes,i want you to be my foreign business partner because i believe in you for your experience in business and receive the two boxes for me from the security company who will have them delivered to you.i have all the documents and i can send them to you through email attachment.I wait your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Prince John.

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