From: “Mr. Tony Brown”
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 15:14:35 +0200
Subject: {SPAM 38.2} US$423M FOR PARTNERSHIP

Dear friend,

I have a profiling amount in an excess of US$423M, which I seek your
partnership in accommodating for me. You will be rewarded with 40% of
the total sum for your partnership. Can you be my partner on this?

I am Mr. Tony Brown Manager NatWest Bank UK , a personal friend and
Banker to Mikhail Khodorkovsky the richest man in Russia and owner of
the following companies: Chairman CEO: YUKOS OIL (Russian Most Largest
Oil Company) Chairman CEO: Menatep SBP Bank (A well reputable financial
institution with its branches all over the world)

The documents of the above funds in question was handed over to me to be
used in payment of an American oil merchant for his last oil deal with
Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Already the funds have been deposited in bank here
UK, where the final crediting is expected to be carried out. While I was
on the process, Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky got arrested for his
involvement on politics in financing the leading and opposing political
parties (the Union of Right Forces, led by Boris Nemtsov, and Yabloko, a
liberal/social democratic party led by Gregor Yavlinsky) which poses
treat to President Vladimir Putin second tenure as Russian president.
You can catch more of the story on this:

The Gibraltar portfolio is one of our arms yet to be infected by the
Moscow led fed tax offensive designed to bring us down and we need you
to help us keep it so. We need funds from this portfolio and we can not
get the funds on our own without arousing Moscow. To avoid this we need
to completely re-profile the funds from United Kingdom portfolio in your
name so as to turn away Moscow and their ally from us. The complete
amount available for you for re-profiling is presently over $500m and
the 40% still stands.

The new beneficiaries of the portfolio will need to offset the back
taxes to the authorities in United Kingdom and move the funds online
over the internet through our bank access that I will obtain from M.K in
Moscow through existing channel of communications. Once I get your name
or company name, address, for identity to replace that of M.K and
re-profile the portfolio accordingly, then I will get the bank access
across to you to access the portfolio, pay the back taxes to the
authorities and move the funds to another account we will provide you in
Monte Carlo and you keep the 40% as agreed. Please write back promptly.
I will also suggest you visit these news sites on the internet to be
better informed about this project.


All I need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of the above quoted
sum and I will arrange for the documentation which will enable my bank
here in UK transfer the sum to you. I have decided to use this sum to
relocate to American continent and never to be connected to any of
Mikhail Khodorkovsky conglomerates. The transaction has to be concluded
in 2 week before Mikhail Khodorkovsky have assess of his fund.

My requirements are:

(1) Payee Name (2) Street Address (3) City, State (4) Zip Code (5)
Status (6) Occupation (7) Tel/Fax (5) Country (6) Bank Name (7) Street
Address (8) City, State (9) Zip Code (10) Country (11) Swift Code (13)
Bank Account (14) Bank Account Name (15) IBAN Number (16)

Note: This business include the personal assistant of Mikhail
Khodorkovsky Ms. Lioudmila which will provide all necessary informations
to enable also carry out this transaction immediately.

As soon as I get your willingness to comply through my most private
email address [] I will give you more details.

Thank you very much

Mr. Tony Brown

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