Fwd: Urgent Respond

From: “Mr. Anthony Gold (Esq.)”
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 01:38:15 +0100
Subject: Urgent Respond

1 Woolworth Road
London SW16 1BG
Tel: +44 702 407 4336
Fax: +44 844 774 1575

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Anthony Gold (Esq.) Attorney at Law in United Kingdom. I
write to notify you of the will of my client (name like yours)
unfortunately lost his life in an accident; this man was a prominent

My client before his death has left a will, along with a bank account
with deposit of 9, 400 Million Euros on behalf of his relative in this
Before the accident his health was not good that’s why I put on record
its intention earlier.The money is dposited in a bank waiting to be
transferred to your account.
I was placed as executor, which is why I say that this transaction will
check on legal and legitimate procedures that will protect you from any

I request your urgent interest to settle your relative claim tank and
send me your personal data, including birth certificate to verify and

The procedure for this claim is through Tel: +44 702 407 4336 Fax: +44
844 774 1575 Email: AnthonyGold@mail.com Anthony Gold (Esq.) Chartered
Attorney 88770.


Anthony Gold (Esq.)

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