5 Percy Street,

London W1T 1DG,

Tel: +447024053774

Client code /VIF/GBSE/ vol. 109

Attn: Applicant,

Subject: Switched Job Offer

Good Better Switched Engineering Plc,is hereby notified from  your qualifications and experiences was found suitable for the requirements of  Good Better Switched Engineering Plc offshore and onshore job.
For verification and screening you are to submit your most recent resume/ cv without delay.

Good Better Switched Engineering Plc with respect to the said project requires the services of
expatriate personnel’s in Gas Engineering,> Electrical/Electronics
Engineering,Geoscience, Project
Management, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Field Doctors,
Captains, Security, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Project
Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Management,
Materials Engineering, Welding, Drilling, Accounting, and Economics whose
services will include project management,
engineering, procurement, construction, transportation and
installation,safety,hook up, commissioning of the production
platform, pipe laying etc.

SALARY: Very Attractive (within 5.550GBP – 10.900GBP) monthly and will be transferred to any Bank in any Country of your own.

choice through all transfers will be made in conformity with the existing
tax system in Doha in Qatar .

JOB LOCATION: Doha in Qatar for Offshore why Onshore in united kingdom .

CONTRACT DURATION: 48 months (Liable for upward review depending on
your commitment and expertise)

DURATION OF WORK PERIODS: Three months work, one month pay leave.

Interested and qualified persons should submit detailed resume / cv and copies of credentials to:

Note: interview will be conduct online immediately, after submitting your resume / cv to us.


Charles Jones.


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