I am Boris igorov

Good Day,

I am Boris igorov, I have a business brief which might interest you onthe instruction of a business tycoon in
Moscow whose business interest spans crude oil refining, mining, construction, real estate and tourism.

Over the past years the policies of the Kremlin has not been favorabletowards his business and more
importantly towards his person who seem tohave a different political view from that of the Kremlin.
Without boringyou with politics of Russia, I will go straight to the point to ask for your cooperation to
discreetly re-profile funds worth Fifty-twoMillion euros owned by this business tycoon from its present
location via a bank ineastern Europe to a new investment location.

You will be paid eight percent for your ‘management consultancy fees’,if we are ableto reach terms. If you
are interested, please write back to me at(jccops@gmail.com) and provide your telephone number and
privatee-mail address and i will provide further details.

Write back, i wait for your response.

Boris Igorov

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