Mr. Henry Richardson(CONFIDENTIAL)

Mr. Henry Richardson
34, Richards Street
Midrand Johannesburg
South Africa 1685

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mr. Henry Richardson and I am one of the Consultants to the Local Organizing Committee in the recently concluded Fifa world Cup in South Africa. I am presenting you with a discreet proposal Financial Transaction and hope you will view this in the light of it’s seriousness and need for urgent attention. My decision to market this proposal to you privately was out of my personal conviction that you can partner with me on this route to a successful relationship

During the course of the preparation for the World cup, a lot of contracts were awarded which had to go through a project committee with me as financial Consultant. Intentionally, some of the Contracts were over invoiced to provide space for possible inflationary effects and not to subject the Committee to ridicule that would have resulted from inability to complete project giving the limited time we had to deliver. The Audit of our financial performance would be taking place in the next six Months and me and few members of the Local Organizing Committee have agreed to seek for a very reliable and Business minded foreign partner to act as one of the Contractors in the Service Segment of the World Cup. The sum of US$6,9Million (Six Million Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) only would be approved on your name or Company’s name as a Contractor and be paid to you as outstanding for Services provided. As you may know, all Fifa World Cup related payouts are free from enc
umbrances and usual government an

The decision on share of proceeds would be discussed and mutually agreed with you. Should you be interested in this very offer, kindly revert to me by a return mail to: Email;

Thank you.
Mr. Henry Richardson

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