My father was poisoned to the death

I know that this message will come as surprise but I plead your
benevolent being that we do not know in the person. I obtained your
email address while looking for a reliable person that can help me. My
father was poisoned to the death and it was suspected to be my uncle
that went with him on the trip of business. After the death of my father
that my uncle claimed the entire property of my father and all the
attempts to eliminate me was fruitless.
That is to say my uncle is behind the death of my father on a second
thought. My mother died when i was four years old so I don’t have
anybody that is the reason why i lost everything my father laboured in
times of estate. Before my father died he secretly called me by his
bedside in the hospital and told me where he kept some documents
covering a deposit in the bank. He also told me that my name is in the
document as the next of kin to the fund. Last there is political
instability in my country secondly my uncle does not know of this money
the bank and I need your assistance to transfer this money out from the
bank and take me out of here. I hope to hear of you as for this
question. with much respect. Ms. Sara Nguyen

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