This Offer May Interest You!

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Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 16:53:37 -0500
Subject: This Offer May Interest You!

This Offer May Interest You!

My name is Kufor Mensah. I am the former Personal Assistant to Late
Mr.Luwig Schneider who died 4 years ago of Heart Attack based on the
Government confiscations of his Assets and Freezing of all his Bank
Accounts here in Ghana as a result of Tax Evasion.

On this note, Late Mr.Luwig Schneider until his death, has made a Cash
Deposit of $85.8million sealed in a Trunk Treasure Boxes and tagged
Family Valuables &Treasures through an Independent Security Company here
in Ghana. I would like to work with you by presenting you as a Foreign
Partner to the Deceased in order to claim the funds with a sharing ratio
of 50:50.If you are interested in this venture,kindly email me your
telephone numbers for discussion of this offer in full details.

Thank You.

Mr.Kufor Mensah
Direct Line: +233 548 734 332

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